Citation and commencement

This planning scheme may be cited as Murweh Shire Planning Scheme.


A notice was published in the Government Gazette No. GAZ46 on Friday 17th of November 2017 for the planning scheme for the Murweh Shire Local Government Area.

The commencement date for the planning scheme was Friday 1st of December 2017.

Amendments to the planning scheme are included at Appendix 2.

Community statement

In accordance with the Murweh Shire Council Community Plan, our vision is as follows:

  • Sustainable use of the environment – protecting our land, vegetation, water, flora and fauna for the future;
  • Educated and knowledgeable people - encouraging and supporting people to achieve their goals;
  • An equitable society - our differences are appreciated, recognised and respected;
  • Vibrant, strong and healthy communities - Encouraging a healthy, positive community where people are involved and contribute;
  • Safe and efficient transport systems - making all modes of transport safe, effective and accessible to everyone;
  • A buoyant local economy – sustainable economic activity to contribute to a prosperous local economy to improve opportunities and living standards for all;
  • Encouraging Shire growth – sustainable development to create a place that is attractive to new residents and investors alike; and
  • Transparent governance - open, inclusive and accountable representation.

Those matters above which are bold are those in which a planning scheme, focussing on land use and development, can have a significant influence - and where this planning scheme will play it's part in advancing the community's vision.