Key Personnel

Chief Executive Officer - Mr Bruce Scott OAM (Interim)

Director of Corporate Services - Mr Justin Kronk

Director of Engineering Services - Mr Jacob Barton

Director of Community & Health Services - Mr Richard Ranson

Director of Economic Development  - Mr John Nicholson

Human Resources Manager - Mrs Trudy Kerr

Regulatory Services - Mrs Kay Crosby

Tourism Manager - Ms Linda Mofflin

Corporate Marketing, Media & Event Officer - Ms Robyn Richen

Stock Routes Supervisor - Mr Chris Skinner

Town Ranger - Mr Dean Gallegos

Airport Manager - Mr Philip Pfingst, Mr Greg Van Loon

RADF Liaison Officer - Ms Jillian Usher

Mulga Lands Gallery - Mr Richard Ranson, Ms Jillian Usher

Murweh Shire Council Organisational Chart (PDF)