To contact the SES for assistance during storm and flood emergencies phone 132 500    

Charleville SES Headquarters

Charleville SES Headquarters

The SES Units are made up of local people who have volunteered to prepare themselves and their communities to minimise the effects of a disaster. SES volunteers to not receive payment. 

Under the motto, "Be Aware", the basic concept of the SES is to encourage self-help and mutual assistance within each community. The SES Units support the statutory services (Police, Fire and Ambulance) where an emergency or disaster is beyond the resources of those services.

SES Training

SES members are called on to assist other emergency services and statutory bodies involved in response to:

  • floods - to transport persons, medical needs, groceries etc. to isolated areas
  • storms - to carry out temporary repairs to storm-damaged residences
  • search and rescue - to locate, extricate and recover missing or trapped persons
  • bushfires - to coordinate operations and provide field communication facilities
  • road crashes - to secure the accident scene, control traffic, provide emergency lighting and assist with the extrication of injured persons.
Charleville SES Crew

Charleville SES Crew



No matter who you are or what you do, there’s an SES task to suit you! Our volunteers can be anybody - working or retired.  In addition to helping your community in times of need you’ll become part of a like-minded yet diverse group of people. You’ll form lasting friendships, and develop real-life skills and knowledge that can be carried through to the workforce and will stay with you forever. Whether you're on the frontline or supporting those who are, every role within the SES counts.

Many Murweh employers support volunteers in their workforce, meaning if you’re activated while at work they will support your SES commitments. 

To find out more about being part of something extraordinary, please contact Charleville Local SES Controller on 4656 8355 or email or visit Qld SES website  

The Charleville SES train on the first Saturday of each month commencing at noon.