Arts and Culture

What is the Regional Arts Development Fund?

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between state and local governments which invests in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.

RADF  promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers to: support diversity and inclusivity; grow strong regions; and provide training, education and employment opportunities for Queensland artists and local communities.

Applications are assessed by a local RADF committee and must be submitted before the activity commences. It is strongly recommended that you call the liaison officer before submitting an application. 

Generally, there are 3 rounds of funding that will be advertised, however applicants may also submit an out of rounds application, please call for details.

If you have an idea or any questions please call the RADF Liaison Jill Usher on (07) 4656 8355 or email.

What are the RADF objectives?

  1. support local artists and arts and cultural activity to deliver value for local communities
  2. provide opportunities for local communities to participate in arts and cultural activities
  3. invest in locally-determined priorities delivered through arts and cultural activity
  4. contribute towards current government priorities

Key Performance Outcomes (KPOs)

  • Impact
  • Quality
  • Reach
  • Viability

Funding Categories:

  • Individual Artistic Development
  • Building Local Skills
  • Vibrant Towns
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Concept Development

RADF Guidelines, Application and Acquittal Forms