Building Approvals

Building approvals ensure buildings are constructed to standards that address health and amenity, safety (structural and fire) and sustainability.

Applications for building approvals are assessed against the building assessment provisions, which include the Building Code of Australia and the Queensland Development Code.

The approval process involves assessment by an accredited building certifier against the Building Act 1975 and associated regulations and standards, and the issue of a building permit and subsequent inspections to ensure compliance.

Building applications are necessary for these types of building activities:

  • New dwellings or commercial buildings
  • Alterations or additions to existing buildings
  • Building removal and relocation
  • Demolitions
  • Carports and sheds (including garden sheds)
  • Gazebos, pergolas and shade sails over 10 square metres in area
  • Fences over 2 metres in height above the natural ground level
  • Retaining walls over 1 metre in height, or within 1.5m of a building or other retaining wall
  • Swimming pools and spas

General Building Information Sheet