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Current Tenders

Murweh Shire Council invites tenders for the following project/service;

Morven Freight Hub

Construction Works for Tender and Quotation

Tenders and quotations closing 2pm Friday 7 February 2020 are hereby invited for construction of various works for the Morven Freight Hub Project.

Morven Cattle Rail Facility This document is to be read in conjunction with each tender/quotation.

Works for tender and quotation are as follows;

MRH1. 19-20      Site Works - Clearing and Grubbing

MRH2. 19-20      Site Works - Earthworks

MRH3. 19-20      Site Works - Effluent Pond

MRH4. 19-20      Site Works - Excavation of Surface Drains

MRH5. 19-20      Site Works - Dust Control

MRH6. 19-20      Site Works - Stockpile / Laydown Pad

MRH7. 19-20      Site Works - Supply of Pavement Materials

MRH8. 19-20      Site Works - Pavement

MRH9. 19-20      Access Roadway - Earthworks and Drainage

MRH11. 19-20    Access Roadway - Supply of Pavement Materials

MRH12. 19-20    Access Roadway - Pavement

For the Tender/Quotations below - please contact Bryan Payne, Brandon and Associates, Roma Phone 07 4622 3799 or email roma@brandoneng.com 

MRH10. 19-20    Access Roadway - Concrete Channel Crossings 

MRH13. 19-20    Plumbing - Installation of Conduits

MRH14. 19-20    Power and Telecommunications - Installation of Conduits

MRH15. 19-20    Cattle yards and Associated Works

Tenders and quotations will be awarded based on an analysis of weighted selection criteria. Notwithstanding such analysis, Council reserves the right to select the submission that in view of all the circumstances appears to be the most advantageous.

Contracts will be awarded mid February. Contract periods will be as specified unless otherwise agreed at tender stage.

For Further information please contact Brandon & Associates, Roma.  Phone 07 4622 3799 or email roma@brandoneng.com


Tenders Over $200,000 Register

Tenders Over $200,000 Register