To contact the SES for assistance during storm and flood emergencies phone 132 500



The State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer organisation, established by an Act of Parliament in 1975.   Under the Act, every local authority in Queensland is responsible for maintaining SES Units within their communities.

The SES Units are made up of local people who have volunteered to prepare themselves and their communities to minimise the effects of a disaster. SES volunteers to not receive payment.

Under the motto, "Be Aware", the basic concept of the SES is to encourage self-help and mutual assistance within each community. The SES Units support the statutory services (Police, Fire and Ambulance) where an emergency or disaster is beyond the resources of those services.

The Charleville SES train on a fortnightly basis, Thursday nights from 7pm at the SES headquarters at the corner of Alfred and Burke Streets. 


Anyone interested is welcome to come to training at anytime on a Thursday night. 

 Click here to go directly to the  State Emergency Services website.