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Murweh Shire Youth Council

Our home, your destination, the success story of the west.

Shared Vision. Trust. Community Ownership. Positive Attitude. Respect.

A little about how the Youth Council started …

A workshop was held in June to discuss a range of youth-related issues in Charleville including a proposed Youth Council for the Murweh Shire. This idea was an outcome of the HOPE Project (Harmony, Opportunity, Pride, Empowerment) and the aim is to bring about more positivity in the town, give young people a say and provide a forum where young people can participate in the community as a team – to help the Shire move forward.

The inaugural Youth Council Meeting

The inaugural meeting was held at 1.00pm on Friday 17th July 2015 at the Murweh Shire Council Chambers Room.

This meeting will call for expressions of interest from interested young people and will be guided by Ann-Maree Johnson, a local community volunteer, and Annie Liston, Murweh Shire Council’s Deputy Mayor.

Goals and outcomes

Overcoming boredom on the school holidays, creating an after school hang out where they can have fun, graffitti, creating job opportunity and bullying are MSYC's immediate goals.

Is this you?

As a young person aged between 12-25 years living in the Murweh Shire:

Are you wanting to advise Council on local issues and suggest ways of overcoming these?

Are you wanting to volunteer in the community and participate in local events as a team?

Are you wanting to be a role model or someone that others who may be struggling can talk to?

Join the Murweh Shire Youth Council and HAVE YOUR SAY!

CLICK HERE for an Expression of Interest Form.

Please find minutes of Murweh Shire Youth Council Minutes in the below table.

17th July 2015 Meeting Minutes 3rd February 2016 Meeting Minutes
29th July 2015 Meeting Minutes 2nd March 2016 Meeting Minutes
5th August 2015 Meeting Minutes 13th April 2016 Meeting Minutes
26th August 2015 Meeting Minutes 4th May 2016 Meeting Minutes
9th September 2015 Meeting Minutes  
7th October 2015 Meeting Minutes  
4th November 2015 Meeting Minutes  
18th December 2015 Meeting Minutes