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"More to do than you could ever imagine"

CHARLEVILLE - Starry Starry Nights

  • Experience the awesome beauty of the magical night sky in the new multimillion dollar Cosmos Centre
  • Stand up and join the fight to help save Queensland's rarest and most endangered species, the bilby

All of this and so much more is what you can expect to see and experience when you choose Charleville as your outback holiday destination.

The largest town in South West Queensland, Charleville houses a population of approximately 3300 and is a rich pastoral area.  With a history dating back as far as 1847 Charleville has risen above and prospered many a drought and flood, as well as played a significant part in Australia's early pioneer history.  Did you know that it was in Charleville that Cobb and Co had their largest and longest running coach making factory and it was also Charleville that the famous rainmaking experiment, the Vortex Gun was carried out.

For an experience you will never forget - come, visit Charleville and experience the great Aussie outback at its best.

AUGATHELLA - Meat Ant Country

Visit the Arts and Craft Centre and marvel at the unique variety of local and Australian made arts and crafts, gifts and memorabilia.  Why not watch "Outback to Augathella" a detailed insight into the town's local characters, bush yarns, history, industries and fascinating scenery which can be purchased on video or cd.

Take a stroll along Main Street, chat to the locals, take time to view the whimsical wrought iron sculptures and murals created by locals.  Extend the walk along the Warrego River and relax in its peaceful bush setting.

Augathella is situated on the Warrego River and is packed with pioneering history.  Augathella was home and stamping grounds of the notorious Kenniff Brothers bushrangers and owes its very existence to the bullock teams that camped along the Warrego all those years ago.  Carnarvon Station, recently purchased by the Wilderness Society and other national parks can be accessed from Augathella.

MORVEN - Ooline Country

Wide open spaces, thick belts of flora, red dusty roads, breathtaking sunsets and good 'ol country hospitality are all words that best describe the Qld Outback and here is one more to add - Rainforest.  Yes, that's right, Rainforest, and that's exactly what you will find just south of the town of Morven.

Spend time trekking through the Tregole National Park which will have you breathless at the huge forest of extremely rare Ooline trees.  The Ooline tree has rainforest origins and dates back as far as the Pleistocene Era (a period of 1.6 million to 10,000years ago).

Also whilst in Morven check out the museum and soak in the nostalgia of yesteryear as you browse the countless items of memorabilia.  See an amazing hut made of flattened kerosene tins and view the unique collection of locally made miniature building.

Come to Morven for an outback experience with a twist.

COOLADDI - Where has everyone gone

Commonly known as the Murweh Shire's little ghost town, take in the serenity while you wander around all that remains of this once bustling town.

Throw in a line and enjoy the Coolibah and Gidyea trees while camped on the banks of the nearby river or get dust between your toes at the annual gymkhana.