Stock Routes/Wild Dog Control Stock Routes/Wild Dog Control

Council manages an extensive stock route network across the Murweh Shire.  The Stock Route Supervisor is Mr Erron Heinemann who can be contacted on 0427 541 286.

The Murweh Shire in conjunction with Agforce Charleville and the Department of Natural Resources host a Wild Dog Management Group made up of landholder representatives from across the Shire who coordinate baiting and other control programs in Murweh Shire.  Major 1080 baitings are organised in coordination with Quilpie and Paroo Shires and usually occur in April and October of each year.

Control group coordinators are as follows:

Southeast:  John Frith 46549538, Michael Davies 46540340.
Southwest: John Hodgen 46540313
Northwest:  Lindsay Clover 4654011, Ian East 46542490
Central: Tim Sheehan 46541570, Sandy Manns 46543179
Morven: Tim Williams 46548204, Duncan Jukes 46548034
Augathella: Glenn Roberts 46545191, Fred Bryant 46549154
Northern Augathella: Steve Taylor 46549169