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Contracts Entered into Over $200,000 (Current financial year)

Date Contractor Contract Amount
12.4.18 Wagner's P/L Design & Development Applicaiton for Morven Freight Centre $233,680.30
10.5.18 G & K Lawson P/L Design and construct stage 1 of Planetarium $240,310.00
11.10.18 South West Ford 7 Utility Vehicles $237,195.00
13.12.18 Black Toyota Purchase 2 trucks $327.800.00



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SMEC - Report for Charleville Flood Mitigation 8 June 2012

Bradley's Gully Existing Map

Bradley's Gully Proposed Map

Bradley's Gully Flood Peak Increase Map

Bradley's Gully Existing Conditions

Report for Charleville Flood Mitigation - Feasibility Study MAY 2011