A Message from Murweh Shire

Published: 25 March 2020

A message from Murweh Shire regarding COVID-19 restrictions

Over the last days and weeks Murweh Shire, like every other community across the world are at risk from COVID-19 (or coronavirus).

The COVID-19 pandemic is being managed as a health emergency, with both the Australian and Queensland Governments implementing measures which we must all abide by.   Please make sure you take this seriously and pay close attention to the advice and updates that are being provided by the Federal and State Government health agencies. 

​ All Councillors and our executive team are working together to identify ways that we can support our community, with a particular focus on those areas that Council can influence.  We recognise that we are a major provider of services, many of which our residents rely solely on us to provide. As a major employer within the region, we also need to look after the health and wellbeing of our workers and the community.

The steps that Council will take in this first COVID-19 support package include the following:

 Council facilities

  • The Cosmos Centre and Visitor Information Centre are closed.  (There are information packs available at the front of the Visitor Information Centre).
  • The Library in Charleville, Augathella and Morven will close from this afternoon.
  • The Swimming Pool in Charleville is closed for the season.
  • Immunisation Clinic will proceed this Friday as usual with strict social distancing applied.

 Cleaning of Council facilities

Cleaning of Council customer service and public access areas is continuing, however please make sure you practice good hand hygiene and social distancing  as recommended.

 Rates discount extended

To assist the community, the rates discount period has been extended from  16 April 2020 to Monday 18 May 2020.  We recognise that rates payments and discount period has coincided with this time of uncertainty and hope that this offers some relief. 

Hire fee refunds for Council facility bookings

Any fees and charges already paid for the forward booking of Council facilities that have had to be cancelled due to ban on mass gatherings will be refunded 

Taking care of our workforce

Council is a provider of essential services, and as such we are committed to business continuity. Our message to our staff is to be alert to the risks but not alarmed.  Council want to provide services as normal, where possible, whilst making sure we contribute to reducing the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within Murweh. 

Continued involvement Lead Agencies

Murweh Shire Council will continue to participate in the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) and DDMG (District Disaster Management Group), which includes briefings from Queensland Health on the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia and the local coordinated response.

The situation we are facing is unprecedented worldwide, however we will continue to monitor the latest advice and adapt our operations as needed. 

We are not experts in the field of health. Therefore we will follow the advice provided by our local Queensland Health professionals who are coordinating the information and resources our communities need to manage the risk appropriately.   Please take notice of the advice from the Federal and State Health Departments; the sooner we get this under some sort of control the better it will be for everyone, especially those at risk.

If there are any changes we will update our social media and website. 

Stay safe,

Chief Executive Officer

Murweh Shire

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