Charleville Celebrates Rude Jude: Keys to the City and "RudeJudesville" Transformation


Charleville Celebrates Rude Jude: Keys to the City and "RudeJudesville" Transformation



The outback town of Charleville is about to undergo a temporary transformation as it renames itself "RudeJudesville" to honour a unique local icon who is retiring. Jude Aitken, affectionately known as Rude Jude, has earned this moniker for her candid and sometimes colourful expressions. She is renowned for her insightful, no-nonsense, sometimes humorously profane, commentary.


Jude’s charisma and quick wit has earned her recognition on national media, and she even made an appearance at the 2023 Logies Awards. Her appearances on commercial radio and other fishing programs have consistently placed Charleville on the tourism map. Beyond her media presence, Jude has made significant contributions to the town's fishing industry. She is the driving force behind the Charleville Fishing and Restocking Club, a non-profit initiative with an impressive environmental impact. This club has released over 650,000 fingerlings into the local river, showcasing her dedication to preserving the environment.


In a heart-warming celebration at the opening of the Charleville RaceCourse on Saturday, the Mayor of Murweh Shire Shaun (Zoro) Radnedge presented Rude Jude with the symbolic keys to the city and, renamed the town "RudeJudesville for a one-week celebration in her honour.


In a heartfelt tribute, Mayor Zoro conveyed the sentiments of the entire community, remarking, "Rude Jude embodies the very spirit of Charleville. Her endearing Fishing Shop, loved by all, not only brought joy to our community and visitors to the town,  but also served as a testament to the transformative results of grassroots dedication and unwavering environmental stewardship. We feel privileged to celebrate her and, in recognition of her extraordinary achievements, and temporarily rename Charleville as 'RudeJudesville'."


Rude Jude's commitment to her community goes beyond conservation. She has touched hearts with numerous stories, including her initiative to take residents from a local nursing home, including wheelchair-bound individuals, for a day of fishing by the river. It's a testament to her dedication to making a positive impact and bringing joy to those around her.