Community Management of Charleville Water Supply


Dear Charleville Residents,


Murweh Shire Council is seeking your assistance and cooperation in managing the demand for reticulated water in Charleville at critical times of the afternoon and early evening.


As the weather heats up and with an absence of rain there has been a significant increase in demand for reticulated water during that period from 4.00pm to 7.00pm daily.


The Murweh Shire Council Water Crew have worked hard to manage the demand, but with the increase in the town’s residences, the lack of rain and with a finite volume from the town bores we have reached capacity of the bore network at these peak periods.


Murweh Shire Council is trying to bring the 10 megalitre water bladder online which will hopefully balance the demand at peak times. This will require several days to test the water quality before the Council can introduce this into the water supply.


As such, Murweh Shire Council wishes to advise the Charleville community that unless we observe some water conservation, the Council will have no choice than to implement Water Restrictions to ensure that all residents have good access to water for domestic purposes and the community has water for its fire safety requirements.  


If the high demand for water continues, households may experience low water pressure or complete loss of water and the system will struggle to meet the needs for all residents.


Council will be monitoring the usage over the next few days to ascertain whether there will be a requirement to implement compulsory water restrictions to manage demand and community safety.


Suggestions for the conservative management of domestic water supply

  • Limit watering by sprinkler on any day between 4.00pm and 7.00pm.
  • Residents should only hand water outside every second day (pot plants and garden beds
  • etc). 
  • Council encourages people to use odd and even house numbers and days of the week to monitor the use of hoses. But fully understanding that some people have work and personal commitments that are prohibitive and that there are 31 days in some months such December, January etc…
  • Micro-spray water systems should only be used between 2.00pm and 7.00pm. 

Council appreciates your cooperation and support in this instance to ensure that the township of Charleville enjoys equitable access to water for all residents and the community is in a safe situation if there was a domestic or business fire.


Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Scott.