The Two New Billing Systems for Water and Waste Explained


Murweh Shire Council recently introduced a 2-part water tariff and 2-part cleansing charges, reflected on the recent rate notice for residential and business customers. These two new systems, explained below, have been implemented to provide better water security and finance the improvements at the waste station, and ultimately benefit the entire community.


The new water system is consumption-based, meaning you pay an access fee plus a per-litre cost for the water you consume. It’s the standard water pricing method used by most councils and water service providers across Australia. The average Murweh resident uses about 700kl of water and with the new charges these residents will see little change from last year, or perhaps even a decrease. However, if you use 1300kl, you’ll see an increase of $123.20.

It works like this: you pay $550.00 for access to water, then 20 cents for every kilolitre (1000 litres) you use up to 1300 kilolitres(kl). After this amount of water used, you pay 65 cents a kilolitre.


Everyone who has been to the waste station, will have noticed that lots of work has been completed to improve its appearance and management.  This has come at a cost, and we have introduced a new waste management levy to fund these improvements.  If you utilise bin collection as a council service, this levy is incorporated into the $360 Charleville Charge – an increase of $45 --  and the $260 Augathella and Morven charge, an increase of $12. Everyone without a bin service may still use the tip and their $100 levy will assist Council and its contractor to continue improving the operation of the tip.


These new methods will not only help ensure the sustainability of our water resources but also contribute to a cleaner and more efficient waste management system for our community. By implementing consumption-based water charges, we encourage responsible water usage while keeping costs manageable for most residents. Likewise, the waste management levy will allow us to maintain and enhance the waste station for everyone's benefit, whether you utilize the bin collection service or not. We appreciate your understanding and support as we work towards a more sustainable and efficient future for Murweh Shire.