Sustainable Destination Project


In 2023 the Queensland Government awarded Murweh Shire a grant, (1 of only 14 Shires in Queensland), to become a Sustainable Destination.

The Council would like to invite you to come along and hear about the Project from the Project Coordinator, Dr Sheila Peake from Griffith University, and to voice your views on how the Council and Shire can be more sustainable in the future.

Over the next 14 months the Project Coordinator and community representatives will be seeking your input into making the Shire a better place to live by listening to what you want, what you think will/will not work and how we can achieve that as a community. 

The principal objective of the Sustainable Destination Program is to facilitate responsible and sustainable Environmental, Cultural, Social, and Economic (ECSE) outcomes for the Shire, through the Council adopting a more sustainable approach to its operations.

The Project will allow the Murweh Shire Council to set a baseline of information about its operations now and then moving forward to find ways to continuously improve in the future.  In addition, the project is designed to empower our local community to take ownership of their own sustainability goals and build on local initiatives. The program recognises the benefits of a community working together to achieve sustainable outcomes.  Your ideas and suggestions for sustainable initiatives are important to this project.

Come along and join Sheila for a cuppa and find out more about the project and how you can be involved.

Draft Sustainability Policy

Meeting Schedule: 7-11 August.

Place                                     Date                                                      Time                      Venue

Charleville                           Tuesday 8 August                             2pm                       Charlottes Nest

Augathella                           Wednesday 9 August                      9am                       Library

Charleville                            Wednesday 9 August                      4pm                       Charleville Library

Morven                                Thursday 10 August                        9 am                      VIC

Charleville                            Thursday 10 August                        5pm                       Charleville Library

Council will provide regular updates on the project through social media and its webpage.

If you cannot make the meeting, and would like more information or to provide individual feedback please contact Dr Sheila Peake at