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Community Consultation on the Draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027

The Draft Corporate Plan 2022-2027 is open for community consultation to 10 June 2022.

Murweh Shire Council invite our community and stakeholders to review and provide feedback on the Draft Corporate Plan 2022-27.

What is the Corporate Plan?

Council is required to adopt a Corporate Plan every five years.

The Corporate Plan describes the long-term aspirations that Council holds for our Community and our Organisation. These aspirations guide the setting of five-year goals to make measured progress towards our desired future. Strategies outline the approach Council will take to achieve the five-year goals.

The Corporate Plan provides clarity, agreement, and direction for Council to confidently meet the operational needs of its organisation and the strategic needs of the community. The Corporate Plan communicates not only Council’s intentions but seeks to set realistic expectations and limitations.

Council’s operational plans, budgets, management plans and projects align to and deliver against the Corporate Plan and prioritised and on an annual basis. See these plans here.

Why is community consultation important?

Councillors are elected representatives of the community to set the direction and make decisions on your behalf. We want your feedback to ensure our vision, aspirations and identified priorities are also what you want for your community.

Consultation is an opportunity to ensure your aspirations and priorities are represented.

Draft Plan for Consultation

Summary Flyer

Draft Corporate Plan 2022-27

Key Priorities

  1. Accountability to our ratepayers
  2. Service delivery excellence
  3. Care for our community
  4. Visionary pursuit of opportunities

How to respond

  • Survey – Five Minute Survey to respond to the key priorities www.surveymonkey.com/r/MurwehPlan
  • Phone conversation – Call Planning Consultant, Liz Otto on 0457 831 512
  • Email – Send a response to plan@murweh.qld.gov.au
  • Book a meeting – Email us to set up a meeting with your organisation or group
  • Community Meetings
    • Tuesday 24 May - 2pm and 5pm, Morven Community Hall
    • Wednesday 25 May - 2pm and 5pm, Augathella Town Hall
    • Wednesday 1 June - 2pm and 5pm, Charleville Town Hall
  • See us at the Show Friday 13 May, prizes up for grabs!

We will make records of your response and how they are considered.


The process is facilitated by Planning Consultant, Liz Otto from Cornerstone Sustainability Pty Ltd.

Email plan@murweh.qld.gov.au and phone Liz on 0457 831 512.