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Yabby Races - Lamb on the Spit - Camp Oven Dinner Yabby Races - Lamb on the Spit - Camp Oven Dinner

Operating May to September only


Just by purchasing two yummy camp oven dinners on Wednesday night, you'll be allocated one Yabby which will compete in our famous Yabby Race. If your little snappy chappy is first over the line, you get half the prize pool . The other half goes to the Rural Fire Service.  Bookings Essential

Wednesdays at 6pm - Races & Camp Oven Dinner


Join us for our Lamb on the Spit dinners.. Tuesday night only

Who can resist the smokey sweet taste of lamb, vegies, gravy and trimmings along with a hot desert?  Book now so that you don't miss out.


You may like to come and enjoy our legendary camp oven meals of Beef and Red Wine Stew, Damper,Hot Apple Crumble and billy tea, served Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights around the camp fire. Each evening dinner is served with a healthy serving of bush hospitality, so if you're looking to have a genuine out back meal with genuine outback poeple, come and join us in our out doors dinning room . Our dinners are timed to allow you to go to the Cosmos Centre Observatory.