Animals and Agistment Animals and Agistment

Council's Local Law No 6 (Keeping and Control of Animals) contains the various requirements for the keeping of pets in the town area. Murweh Shire Council Local Laws


The owner of the animal is responsible for their pet's welfare and that the animal is kept within the local law and does not cause a nuisance to other people.   

  • A maximum of 2 dogs are permitted per property in the town residential areas
  • Dogs over six months must be registered annually, or lifetime registration, if desexed and microchipped
  • It is an offence to allow a dog to wander at large
  • Council officers may impound any dog found wandering at large.
  • Fees are required to be paid prior to the release of any impounded animal
  • Dogs that attack or worry people may be declared dangerous


Dog registrations are due on the 1st July each year. This year, council is offering Murweh Shire residents the option of a $24 once only fee which will apply for the life of the dog. There will be no requirement to register your dog annually. This is conditional upon the dog being desexed and microchipped.

If your dog is already desexed, you can have your dog microchipped for a resonable fee.

This is an initiative of the Murweh Shire Council to help dog owners comply with the new state government legislation aimed at reducing the number of unwanted dogs in Queensland. Enquiries can be directed to Council on 07 4656 8355.


Download Application for Dog Registration

Desexed and Micro-chipped (Must be both)
(Certificate must be produced) Lifetime Fee $24.00

Not Desexed and/or Microchipped
Registration Fee  (dog 1) $80.00  (dog 2) $106.00

Replacement Dog Tag $5.00

Impoundment – Release Fee

  • 1st Offence (Registered Dog) $75.00
  • 1st Offence (Unregistered Dog) $233.00 (Plus registration fees)
  • 2nd Offence $396.00

All dogs impounded must be registered for the current year and pound fees paid in full before the dog can be released.

Anti Barking Collar - no charge, however a bond of $50.00 is required

(Lost or damaged collares - the replacement cost to be paid)


Horses, Donkeys, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Deer, Pigs and other livestock animals are not to be kept within the town area. 

Agistment is available to residents in the Murweh Shire on nominated town commons in line with Council policy. Agistment to a maximum of six (6) head of stock, described as horses or cattle will be allowable on Town Reserves. 

Application to keep stock on the town common must be made in writing, for further information please contact the Shire Office on 4656 8355.

Stock straying on roads and reserves will be impounded.